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very short piano solo

Absence 1     01'46"
very short piano solo

General Information

Sensual, slow, romantic, expressive, beautiful, and calm, Absence 1 is a very short piano solo of 21 bars/measures.

Technically the notes are easy to play; the more demanding element is the expressive control of all the details.

The title Absence denotes drifting off into a short daydream, aware of but essentially ignoring the world around you. (We’ve all done it.)

I have written a number of very short pieces called Absence. They take an emotionally charged moment from a work I have already written and use that material for tiny concentrated variations. The source for Absence 1 is five bars from a tenor solo in my chamber opera The White Swan.

This very short piano solo was composed for the wonderful pianist Dominic Saunders.

Score Extract and Listen

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Extract 1

A line at a glance:

very short piano solo


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