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unaccompanied solo voice

The Travelling Salesman   4'30"

(or: The Travelling Saleswoman)

for unaccompanied solo voice

General Information

This simple modal tune is a very attractive narrative song.

With a sad melancholy mixed with calm accepting resignation the unaccompanied solo voice of the salesman/saleswoman muses on a lifetime 'Out on the winding,winding road.'

S/he tells a story of always travelling on, always plying his/her trade at the next junction and always regarded with suspicion or tolerance. 'They say I’m crazy: yes, they do. They say I’m crazy, with my one worn out shoe.'

It is a pastiche unaccompanied, ballad-like folksong. Although not in my mature style, I have put it on my website because it works well and I really like it.

It's easy because...

The Travelling Salesman/Saleswoman has a memorable tune in simple diatonic intervals; it stays in one tonal centre and has gentle flowing rhythms so it's easy to sing and easy to learn this narrative song for unaccompanied solo voice.


The lyric is a poem by David Ashurst.

Score Extract and Listen

unaccompanied solo voice

Click to listen to the extract


unaccompanied_soprano_solo unaccompanied_mezzo_soprano_alto_solo unaccompanied_tenor_solo unaccompanied_baritone_bass_solo





Other transposition on request.


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