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"delightful, sadly funny, appealing, lewd,
effective because of its reflection of real life"

Stephen Pettitt THE TIMES [London]

"composed with passionate intensity"

"very successful music-theatre. Recommended"
TIME OUT [London]

"Wittily introduced by the composer, these began with a powerful opening movement, which was followed by a playful, skittish second dance. The set culminated in a breathless mini-finale which, like the rest of the piece, never sounded trivial or banal, but seemed to refuse to take itself too seriously either."

"Tones of Blue…clearly revelled in orchestral excursions."

"Returning to the climes of the simply strange, the audience itself was cajoled into performing in David Charles Martin’s ‘A Load of Ag’, by chanting to itself while five performers attempted to out-solo each other, with each being voted off one by one. The five performers surpassed themselves, roaming the stage in search of items with which to impress, while Chris Brannick, in his own inimitable fashion, urged them and us on. His Rod Stewart impression wasn’t bad, either."
EDWARD LEWIS on www.classicalsource.com


Piano Duo

"This piece really excites Kate and me with its energy and clarity. David approaches piano duo writing in a new way. Feral Machine is terrific fun to play and has both variety and inner cohesion."

David Appleton

Percussion Trio

"A recent highlight for Sankorfa was the opportunity to premiere Shapeshifter by the excellent British composer David Charles Martin. A welcome addition to the percussion trio repertoire, this piece will suit any ensemble seeking to perform music that is truly contemporary in style. It is a unique composition - certainly pushing the musical and technical boundaries of most - and has been written with a clear understanding and knowledge of the instruments. You only need to examine the score to see the intense detail and precision with which it has been composed. However, despite the harmonic and rhythmic complexity that exists throughout, a strong sense of groove and character is always evident. As a result the recent premiere was well received by the audience. Sankorfa have therefore decided to programme the piece again in several of our upcoming recitals and are looking forward to future collaborations with David Charles Martin.

Working with David was a pleasure for Sankorfa. In our initial meeting he described his concept for the piece and welcomed our requests and suggestions. His commitment to completing the piece by the date specified in our first meeting and the care taken when editing the individual parts - a necessity when composing for large percussion instruments - were of great benefit to Sankorfa and are typical examples of David’s excellent organisational skills. Open-minded at all times, David answered our questions clearly and honestly, regularly updating us with his progress on the piece. Furthermore, his experience in working closely alongside performers was evident in the way his questions and ideas were directed towards us – always carefully considered and mindful of the constraints of limited rehearsal time.

Sankorfa highly recommends David Charles Martin to any musician, ensemble or organisation wanting to commission challenging and exciting repertoire from a unique compositional voice.

Thank you David!"

Michael Allen
Alex Duggan
Ruth Slatter
Scott Wilson

Solo Voice

"I have taken part in several concerts of David Charles Martin’s work, including two Purcell Room Recitals devoted exclusively to his music.

I found his work interesting, stimulating and sometimes very beautiful (particularly his work for unaccompanied soprano called Jack's Visit and his piece for harp and voice A Garden Inclosed). He has a great awareness of the words he is setting, and commitment to the dramatic possibilities of his text.

On a personal level he is patient with stupid singers (me!), and rarely loses his sense of humour. He is very good at coaching his own work, and I found his help invaluable."

Penelope MacKay AGSM.

"I have always found the works of David, challenging, witty, moving, well studied and with a deep understanding of living in these times. But more importantly, from my point of view, an uncanny knowledge of the human voice. His writing is always vocal and very rewarding.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in commending the work of David Charles Martin to anyone."

David Aldred

Music Theater

"This is very exciting and clever.”
“I would happily listen to it again and again.”
“ ….quite superb."
“A really good idea excitingly developed.”
"Surely this has to be a ‘contemporary opera"

comments by the reading panel of the Vivian Ellis Prize for Music Theatre about my chamber opera The White Swan June 1999