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piano piece for beginners

Hiding     00'00"
piano piece for beginners

General Information

Hiding suits beginners who may need the stimulus of a piano piece that is a bit different from music usually written at this level.

Hiding and being found is a dramatic situation all children are familiar with.

Why it’s fun

Dynamics, harmony and very simple pedalling express the level of increasing or diminishing danger of being found. A child can get involved in the urgency and meaning this gives this piano piece, especially the way the dynamics are played.

This piano piece has two possible endings to choose from – being found or not.

When playing the piece for others a child might find it fun to choose at the last minute whether or not to be found! Even the teacher can then be given a surprise!

An exciting easy piano piece for beginners with a simple story told in the music, it will stimulate a child who is bored.
[I say the child might be found, but who is hiding? Is the child playing the piece hiding or looking for some else?]

Composed for Edward, whom I taught for his first year of piano lessons.

Technical Level and Notation

One hand position

Both hands remain in one position throughout, both thumbs on middle C.

R.H. plays C up to G – also F sharp and C sharp
L.H. plays C down to F - also F sharp.


piano piece for beginners


Counting is always in crotchets (quarter notes).
Three note lengths are used - crotchets (quarter notes), minims (half notes) and dotted minims (dotted half notes).
Ties are also used.

Time signatures change between

piano piece for beginners


The pedal is used three times i.e. depressed for quite long passages then released three times. It creates a nervous blur. The release of the pedal is also used expressively, the blur of anxiety stops suddenly as the pedal is released to leave a clear perfect 5th chord - the hollow sound of relief.

Score Extract and Listen

First score extract

Click to listen to the extract


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