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score for male choir (chorus)

Come Home Again     7'47"
Music for male choir (chorus)

General Information

Come Home Again is music in which love calls out openhearted and true.

Clear flowing vocal lines move in warm resonant harmonies in this setting for male choir (chorus) of a very beautiful yet simple seventeenth century English poem.

Poem and music vividly express God’s yearning for the return of the beloved, in this case God’s heartfelt longing for our return to Him.

His love is passionate

“the price it is not small”

but at the same time His love seeks to be liberating

“For love I made thee free”.

The music is gesturally clear, strong and immediate. It is inspired by medieval isorhythmic techniques – different tempi are used to convey the many layers of this love and the levels of intensity in the poet’s feelings.

Different tempi characterise the main sections. They also highlight details expressing love and longing in ways that we all understand. Sudden intense cries at double speed are like moments of loving longing suddenly blurted out and passages at half speed like moments of serenity and acceptance absorbed for the moment in the feelings of waiting - love reaching out openhearted and true.

Exact Forces

Choir (chorus) divided into:


male choir (chorus)
Two altos (a third for one very short passage) two tenors, two basses. Female altos would be great.


Mixed Choir (chorus)
Two sopranos (a third for one very short passage), two altos, two tenors.

So why label Come Home Again for male choir (chorus)? Answer: search engine keywords - by far the majority of choirs (choruses) looking for repertoire for three adjacent vocal ranges are male voice choirs (choruses).


Anonymous seventeenth century English

Come Home Again!

Come home again!
Come home again!
Mine own sweet heart,
Come home again!
Ye are gone astray
Out of your way,
Therefore, come home again!

Mankind I call
Which layeth in thrall
For love I made thee free.
To pay the debt
The price was great.
From hell I ransomed thee.

Come home again! etc.

My blood so red
For thee was shed
The price it is not small.
Remember well
What I thee tell
Come home when I thee call.

Come home again! etc.

This version
© Copyright 1991 by David Charles Martin

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score for male choir (chorus)


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