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Commission New Music
A step by step guide

Getting to know you

1. your performing style
2. your strengths to exploit, any weaknesses to avoid
3. your repertoire gaps or what kind of work you want

Getting to know me

1. getting to know my musical approach better
2. how I can fit in with your way of working

Getting excited

1. I will put your style, technique, repertoire needs and other ideas together.
2. They will mix, ferment, provoke, even annoy me :-) and ideas will spring up.

To and fro

1. I present you with my ideas.
2. We work on them or reject them, focus on the ideas we like and refine them till we both feel it’s great.


1. I produce sketches.
2. You play them and we discuss and change till we are happy.


1. I write the piece.
2. We tweak it in rehearsal and change it as necessary.


You perform the piece for real.


We follow up with an ‘edition’ we are both happy with.

Exclusively yours

You have exclusive use of the piece for performance and recording as agreed.

The Known & Unknown

Commissioning music is not like buying shoes!

You know the music will not be too long or too difficult or whatever it is we agreed but you don’t know exactly what you are going to get.

You know it will be tailor-made for you so it “fits” you; but it still has unknown elements. Some you see when you get the score, some you first appreciate as you learn it and some you only get with audience reactions.

This mix is part of the excitement of commissioning.


Half the fee is due when the commission is agreed and the other half when the composition is competed.
Fees usually include the score and parts.

Commission fees are subject to negotiation.

Initial Approach

Email me your thoughts...reactions...suggestions...ideas...questions...details...doubts...website...whatever. There is no standard way to start this process.

If you can’t find what you want stop searching and get it written for you!