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new string quartet music score

Dance Mazes     12'04"
String quartet in one single movement.

General Information

In Dance Mazes the energies of dance and the energies of counterpoint meet. The dance rhythm never stops but fragments of it spiral off in repeating beats building up into many different combinations of duos, trios and quartets creating funky counterpoint and lots of rhythmic energy with changes of mood and texture. It is lyrical, lively, even violent at times, with the most energetic climax at the end.

Dance built on repeating rhythms is familiar to everybody including those who never take an interest in concert music and each new section is clearly signalled because it starts with a plain statement of the dance. This means it is easy to give an audience a straightforward and enjoyable way into the piece.

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Your Premiere?

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Get involved in the vitally important creative process between composition and first performance. It is always an important part of finishing the piece. It's the time of interpretation with the composer and of re-writing to make the piece work better.


Thank you so much for your string quartet. The Judges had a very difficult task sifting through the 400 entries! Entries came from places as far apart as London and Hong Kong, Beijing and Moscow, and the standard has been extremely high…. the judges particularly liked your work and thought it amongst the very best of the submissions received. Dr Paul Mealor, Director, University of Aberdeen Music Prize.

Score Extract and Listen

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new string quartet music score


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